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  • Smart temperature control, superlative experience of comfort
    Shinco smart temperature control technologies enable the AC to smartly sense the suitable indoor temperature and thalposis. Users could hardly feel the temperature fluctuation in the room; no matter in the morning or at night and no matter in cold winter or hot summer, Shinco AC could cope with it flexibly and it’s like spring all year round at home.

  • New smart Inverter, enjoying comfort in a energy-saving way
    Shinco smart Inverter technology, builds the “smart energy-saving”mode and maximize the energy saving in the operation on the basis of the users’ experience of temperature. By means of the smart temperature control, this technology could suggest the proper the three-dimensional smart management mode over the indoor temperature, human comfort and the best operation temperature of the AC.

  • Smart sleep, Through the night
    By means of the super-silent technology, smart temperature control technology, and room temperature management technology, Shinco AC is capable of precisely control the sleeping environment of the bedroom, creating the silent sleeping space and is the first choice of the bedroom AC for the insomniacs and wakeful people!
  • Smart temperature control, High frequency refrigeration/heating technologies
    By taking the “startup at high frequency and operation at low frequency”, at the initial operation stage, Shinco AC applies the high-frequency refrigeration/heating mode to rapidly change the indoor temperature and greatly shorten the users’ wait time. After reaching the preset temperature, the AC enters the low-frequency energy-saving mode to maintain the preset temperature. Smart life, Shinco AC!
  • Environment expert, R410 green coolant

    R410A new coolant is mixed by two quasi azeotropic compounds, mainly composed by HFCs, which is featured by the stabilities, non-toxicity and excellent performance, etc. At the same time, it does not contain Chlorine, which will not react with ozone and damage the ozonosphere.

    Tips: efficiency comparison between R410a and R22
    Comparison of the whole machine: as R410a has good liquidity (average mass flow rate is as high as 22.7%) and fairly great refrigeration amount, the energy efficiency ratio of R410a AC could be raised by 12%.

    Comparison of the compressors: the thick shell compressor for R410a could reduce the system noise, the heat transmission efficiency of the evaporator could be raised by 35% and the heat transmission efficiency of the condenser could be raised by 5% (maximally reduce 30% refrigerant injection rate).

  • Kinetic wind guide mechanism, universal guide for comfortable air supply

    The new generation of air baffle is capable of increasing the up and down rotary angles of the baffle to guide the air flow in all directions so that the air supply distance could be farther and wider, the circulating wind volume could be 10% to 30% more than that of the common AC and the users could feel the permanent comfort.

    Up and down vertical air supply, comfort in all directions
    Up and down 180° ultra-wide blade swing, innovative vertical upward and downward non-blind area air supply, realizing the three-dimensional comfortable experience in an all-round way.